About us

You demand…. We have…. Correct and Complete Thoughtful,Turnkey Solutions for Anything in Doors & Windows.
Thank you very much for your interest in Mydoorsandwindows.in (Online platform of Sharada Wood Industries, Bengaluru) with a history spanning more than 3 generations.We are so proud of our 500+ employees and associates who have earned Mydoorsandwindows.in, a recognition as one of India’s leading doors and windows manufacturers for construction and residential replacement companies. Our employees are dedicated, hard working people who genuinely care about the quality of each product, custom manufactured for your home.

We understand that home construction and improvement decisions are important and our goal is to help you make sure that you make the right choice. Our company is proud to offer many custom manufactured doors and windows products that will fit every want and need that you like for your home.

We want to make sure that Mydoorsandwindows.in is accessible, so that more people can create a better every day life at home. We reinvest majority of our profits in existing and new TOUCH AND FEEL stores, as well as in product development, sustainable solutions and by continuously lowering prices to our customers.

Outstanding product quality and unyeieling customer service have always been paramount in creating new customer relationship for our company. We believe Quality is Success. As we continue to grow and expand, we will remain committed to give quality products to our valued customers. If we can answer any question, or if you would like to set up an appointment for a free estimate, please contact us on 9886112124 / 9886212124