Decorative Veneer Doors



If you are looking to give your door an exquisite look, then veneer doors are the perfect solution. veneer door made from wide range of natural and recon decorative veneers sourced from across the country. veneer doors are made with India’s best hydraulic press with the supervision of qualified personals. ISI grade resin and thicker veneer is used for long life of the door. Each doors are tested for water resistance, shock absorption test so that you can enjoy its quality for years.

Available Sizes
Height 79 & 81 inches
Width 27, 33, 36, 39 inches
Doors Options Flush Door
FILLER Solid wood filling
VENEER/DESIGN OPTION Thick recon and natural veneer as per design
THICKNESS 30,35,40mm


  • E1 grade glue used
  • Double side vineered